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The Army Security Agency,

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Dear Friends,
   As you may already know, my father, Nelson B. Johnson, passed away last year. We have finally received a date for his funeral at Arlington National Cemetary on July 2nd. Please use this Link to register if you plan to attend so that we can make the appropriate arrangements:

If you know anyone that would like to become the caretaker of this web site, please call 703-978-5212. We plan to take this web site down after the funeral.


Our Founders



Colonel Leonard & Mrs. Evelyn Fischer
Founders of the ASA Alumni Association:

Colonel Len and Eve Fischer are legends behind the formation of The ASA Alumni Association and later The ASA picnics.
     Len Fischer is an old school soldier who demanded excellence from himself and all who served under his command. Yet he was a self-effacing, kind, quiet, diligent and efficient humble ASA veteran as was his bride, Eve. They were married in 1941 and had been together for 68 years until she passed on in 2009. Eve was a reserved lady with a contagious smile and whitish/silver hair.


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