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The Army Security Agency,

Alumni Association,

National Capitol Region

We are in the process of building this site. Along the way, we will be learning just how much we do not know about ourselves and about building a Web Site.

So, PLEASE, bear with us.


Latest review or update occured on:

4 April 2014


1. ASA Picnic at the Inn at Vint Hill on 9 August 2014.
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2. Information about the FASAF reunion is now available on the FASAF page. use the menu above or click here

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Initial access to this site will be free as we continue to build this site.

Note: Soon we will include a requirement to update your name, address (snail and email) Profile when you register so we can display our new membership map. 

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When you register, please enter all pertinent data indicated. We need this information to correlate it with our original Roster to identify additions or changes. We also need to know who or what the differences are between the two rosters to identify our changing demographics from the old to the new system of communication. As a minimum, please include your Full Name, Telephone, snail-mail address and email addresses.

Once you have completed or updated your registration, please log in. Click here to Login. For security purposes, this includes the need to provide your own Password. Later, as the site becomes more viable and new capabilities are added requiring greater control, a second level of security may be added.

The current, Visitor, level will remain a free, read only, area. 

The Visitor area will continue to display:

  • A picture of Len and Evelyn Fischer, our Founders. To their right, it also displays a map or our original, over 1,500, Members. 
  • The color coding reveals membership densities, by State.
  • It will also display:
  • A map of our original Roster and a newer map or our evolving e-membership.
  • Our newsletter and any flier(s) associated with the current newsletter.
  • An Events calendar showing an accumulation of events scheduled to happen during the year.
  • There may also be some accesses to one or more sites or links from the Visitor level.
  • The web pages at the Visitor level will be changing regularly as new information comes available.

Based on your comments and offerings, construction will continue. As the learning curve permits, we will add a "Green Door" level. It will be a controlled accessed by a formal 2-year membership costing approximately $20 to support acquisition of software and server space, the maintenance of the roster, the production of the newsletter, and provide space for each member to submit their memories and photos. As each member may wish to contribute to the site, we will build out the structure to resemble ASA as it was deployed geographically, between 1940 and 1976. The Green Door level will include each of the Geographic areas in which we served to include: CONUS, EUROPE, PACIFIC, ASIA, AFRICA and/or Central/South America. All foregoing remains under development.

Our Founders



Colonel Leonard & Mrs. Evelyn Fischer
Founders of the ASA Alumni Association:

Colonel Len and Eve Fischer are legends behind the formation of The ASA Alumni Association and later The ASA picnics.
     Len Fischer is an old school soldier who demanded excellence from himself and all who served under his command. Yet he was a self-effacing, kind, quiet, diligent and efficient humble ASA veteran as was his bride, Eve. They were married in 1941 and had been together for 68 years until she passed on in 2009. Eve was a reserved lady with a contagious smile and whitish/silver hair.


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